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Make it easier to follow your diet &/or sports program with this 3-month progress tracker to print. This notebook is suitable for any objective: weight loss, muscle gain, etc. and will allow you to note, analyze progress and achieve your objectives.

My weight evolution notebook - printable version

6,00 €Prix
  • You will find in this printable notebook:

    • an explanatory part on the different measurement techniques,
    • an initial assessment with your initial measurements, the objective set and the possibility of transcribing your dietary and sports plan,
    • assessments per week (12), allowing you to see the evolution between each week but also to note the difficulties encountered, the areas for improvement to allow your progress,
    • assessments per month (3), in order to see the evolution over a longer period,
    • a weight curve over 12 weeks for an overall visual of the results.

    The PDF file is suitable for an A4 print and is in English. The file can also be downloaded and completed directly on computer, tablet, phone.

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